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When: December 27th, 1976 WHO: Sirius Black, Bellatrix Black,… - Aparecium! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 24th, 2003|05:42 am]
Aparecium RPG
[Current Mood |devious]

When: December 27th, 1976
WHO:Sirius Black, Bellatrix Black, Andromeda Black
Where: The Ministry of Magic New Years Ball in Hogesmeade
Rating: R
Summary: Sirius and Bella get drunk...and things get a little kinky on the dance floor...
Watch For: Blackest at its finest

Bellatrix wiggled to get as much of her face in her scarf as possible.
She winced against the cold, standing outside the Three Broomsticks.

Andromeda was standing with her sister "Bloody cold out here, can't we go inside?"

Bella rolled her eyes. "Fine," she muttered, sweeping inside the warm pub.

Sirius, who had been shopping with the Potters, busted in through the front doors of the Three Broomsticks not long after Bell and Andromeda had. He was looking quite chipper and singing under his breath.

Andromeda walked into the Three broomsticks.

"I'll give you a taste, when you think that you know me. I'll blow you away. So baby, bow down," he sang, flashing a charming grin and bowing to four young witches sitting at a table to his left.

She sits in a booth across from her sister and orders a butterbeer.

Sitting down, Bella unwrapped her head, and shook her hair loose of the snow that had fallen into it. She looked up and saw her cousin. She narrowed her eyes and swore under her breath.
"Andromeda..." she said, urgently, "It's him."

Sirius sauntered past the booth, not noticing his cousins, turning to smile at the witches one last time, still singing to himself, "Don't say no to me baby, big mistake. I'll throw you away."

Andromeda looks over to see Sirius "So... can't he be in the same place as us?"

"NO. He can't," she snapped venomously.

Andromeda rolls her eyes "Ok, don't get all up in a huff about him being here"

"Just so long as he doesn't come near me," she rubbed her arm.

Andromeda looks over to her sister "Is this about the news paper article I don't want to hear about it."

Sirius still failed to notice his relations, sitting but two tables away. He was now viciously flirting with the waitress, who was giggling like a schoolgirl.

"Look at him..." Bellatrix snarled, disgusted at his behavior.

"He's a guy, who cares?" Andromeda said and took a sip of her butterbeer.

Bella just shook her head, and stuck her finger in the Butterbeer bottle in front of her. She wasn't in much of a mood for being warm right now.

Sirius smiled, and sent the now blushing waitress prancing away for his drink. He was feeling much better today...nothing a little outing couldn't cure.

Andromeda rolls her eyes at her sister being stupid and decides to zone her out.

Bellatrix keeps staring at Sirius, her lip bit and her eyes narrowed to slits.

Andromeda continues to daydream about a certain Muggle-born and sips at her butterbeer.

He was drinking his glass of Black Magic One-Thirty-Seven, letting his eyes wonder the bar. Sirius had come to Hogsmeade this evening to attend a ball for the Ministry workers and their families with the Potters. He'd decided upon a
drink, to escape having to meet the minister with everyone else, before heading on to the party.

Bellatrix opened her eyes a bit more as she saw what Sirius was drinking. She looked over to Andromeda, and back at Sirius again.

Sirius finished off his drink, and leaned back in his chair, waiting for the waitress to
bring him another. Where was everyone this evening? This place was hellishly dull.

Bellatrix, noticing that Andromeda had quite zoned her out, pouted and removed her finger from the bottle. She took a long drink of the butterbeer and closed her eyes as she felt her cheeks warm up.

She looked around for a clock, hoping that it might be time for the party.

Andromeda snaps out of her daydream. "What time is it?"

Bella looked at her, expressionless, and replied, "It's almost eight."

"Thanks darling," Sirius said with a smirk, handing the blushing waitress her tip and taking his glass. With one long drink he finished off his second shot, and stood up, pulling on his cloak. A glance at his watch told him it was time for the party, and he most certainly didn't want to be late for that.

Andromeda looks at her sister "Should we go to the party or not?"

She sighed. Bellatrix wasn't sure about this party. She didn't mix well with the 'goody two shoes' Ministry types, and would probably end up sulking in the corner somewhere. "Yes, I suppose we should be off." She wrapped her green and grey striped scarf back around her neck and stood up, waiting for Andromeda. "Shall we?"

Sirius had already exited the bar, and was making his way towards the venue, muttering under his breath about all of the straight-edged goody-goody ministry types who would be there. "Probably not a decent girl in the place. Certainly none who like to dance," he grumbled, struggling to walk against the wind.

Andromeda get up to follow Bellatrix out the door.

Bellatrix walks out, sneering, and being careful of the small mud puddle right outside. She tightened her cloak around her and walked toward the Ballroom.
She turned around every once in awhile to make sure Andromeda was still behind her.

Andromeda walks out in the cold crisp night air. "Brrr..." She follows Bellatrix.

She looks at her sister. "Meda, if this party is boring, you have to promise to get me out of here before I cause a scene." She smirked.

Andromeda sighs "I'll try"

Sirius had already entered the Ballroom, his cloak tossed aside in the coat room. He was leaning against a wall in a dark corner of the room, sipping yet another drink, his hair in his eyes. This was already impetuously dull. James had taken off to dance the minute the lights had gone out, and while the music was somewhat beckoning, Sirius Black would not be seen with a sweet-as-sugar daughter of a Ministry worker for an entire sack of galleons. He was going to bide his time, and wait for someone more up to his...speed...to come along.

Andromeda walks into the Ballroom wearing her new dark violet robes. ((to match her eyes, )

Bellatrix threw open the door, and stormed in, causing several heads to turn (if not in shock). She checked her cloak and scarf in at the coatroom and scanned the room for -anyone- who might be interesting. So far, she hadn't seen anyone she even recognized aside from the stuffy men and women that her father worked with.

Andromeda rolls her eyes at her sister going into a tizzy.

Nothing was happening that was of any interest. Sirius tossed aside his fourth empty glass, leaning back against the wall, smoothing down his blood red dress robes. All dressed up, and wasting his time.

She started walking into the crowd, pushing her way through until she found her father. He nodded to her, handed her a glass, and made a shooing gesture at her. She sneered and stalked off.

Andromeda goes over to her sister and asks "What's your problem?"

Bellatrix took a sip of what her father had handed her and inwardly winced. Outwardly, she smirked at Andromeda. "Nothing, Meda... this party just got a bit more interesting." She downed the rest of the glass and went to find more.

"Five down," Sirius sneered, adding the glass to the growing pile by his feet. When was this party going to get more interesting? He was really starting to wonder. The music was enticing, the dance floor was wickedly dark...with the right partner, this evening could be great.

After Bellatrix had had three more glasses of the liquor that her father had been drinking, she could feel her skin heating up. She tossed off the stole that she was wearing, not caring that it was made of fine silk or that it had hit the dirty floor. She looked out toward the dance floor, noticing that it was slightly empty and very dark. It would have crossed her mind that it was strange for the dance floor to be lit the way it was, but she was quite drunk. and sauntered over to it.

Sirius growled in frustration, unbuttoning a few buttons on his robe. It was insufferable hot in this place. He could see there were few on the dance floor, but as a slow song came on, it became rather crowded. "Perhaps the twits have decided that the point of a dance, is to dance," he thought, laughing to himself. How much longer until this evening was over?

She began dancing alone, something her mother had told her that proper ladies didn't do, but that was the last thing on her mind right now. She moved slowly, in perfect time with the music.

He tapped his feet, suddenly wishing that someone, anyone, would ask him to dance. He wasn't going to make a fool of himself by dancing alone, but even a ministry girl would be fine by this point.

As the slow song ended, a more up-tempo one took it's place. Finally, Bellatrix thought. She looked around, she wanted needed someone to dance with.

Sirius began to bang his head to the music, his hair flying everywhere. Well, he supposed, leaning on the wall was going to have to do. None of those girls could dance, that was painfully obvious.

Bellatrix didn't notice through her half-closed, drunken eyes that most of the crowd had dissipated. She continued dancing, her hands clasped back-to-back above her head. The way she moved was almost... seductive.

He grabbed another drink, looking around. He spotted a girl sitting alone near the back who looked a lot like Andromeda....but decidedly ignored her. Another goody-goody Ministry girl. That was the last thing he wanted was a good girl this evening. After last nights events, he needed to unwind.

Bellatrix walked off the dance floor, her body still moving to the music. She was looking for someone, anyone to dance with. Looking quite frustrated, her skin glimmering with the heat of dancing and drunken bliss, Bella undid the buttons of her dress robes, letting them fall to the floor, and leaving her in a black silk slip-dress.

Sirius was now lolling his head from side to side, his eyes flashing. It really was quite warm. With a final devious sigh, he pulled of his robes, tossing them over a chair. It was much cooler in just his jeans and tee-shirt.

She heard gasps from esteemed ladies, and tsks from stuffy gentlemen, but put her hand up drunkenly and went to the bar for another drink.
She drank two more glasses of the liquor and turned around, spotting Sirius with a pile of glasses at his feet.

He felt a few of the older ladies staring at him, and he couldn’t help but smirk. "Excellent choice," he thought to himself, "going for the tight black shirt. Gets them every time."

She smirked and sauntered over to him, not saying a word. She stood in front of him and put a finger up to his lips, her gaze on him unwavering. She pulled his arm toward the dance floor, suggesting that he dance with her.

Sirius just stared at Bellatrix for a moment, before allowing himself to be pulled onto the dance floor. What was she doing? Still yet...did he even care what it was?

Bella held onto Sirius' wrist limply, guiding him to the dance floor. She began to dance, her motions like silk. She was closer to him than she would have been even if they were on speaking terms.
Probably closer than she would have been even with Rodolphus.

Sirius smirked down at her, watching her move unlike he'd ever seen anyone move before. He placed his hand on the small of her back, pulling her closer, if that were even possible, and began to move with her.

Bella draped her arms around Sirius' neck, her eyes fixed on his.

Sirius moved his other hand around her waist, leaning his forehead against hers. "This is wrong. This is wrong," he kept repeating in his head. "But I like it." He didn't know where that thought come from.

Bellatrix pulled his head closer to hers, and she pressed her lithe body up to his. A fervid sound escaped from her lips as she moved to kiss his ear.

Sirius could feel his heart start to race as she kissed his ear. She was his cousin. She was Bellatrix. She was turning him on beyond belief. So he did the only thing he knew to do...he leaned over further, and kissed her neck, between her jaw line and collarbone.

Bella's head lolled back as Sirius kissed her neck. She moved her hands down his chest, caressing his muscles with her fingertips as they swayed to the now slow music.

Sirius' head was swimming. Between the alcohol pulsing through his system, and the way Bellatrix was touching him, he wasn't sure how he was still standing upright. He leaned into her more for support, holding onto her tightly.

Bellatrix was taken off guard at Sirius leaning into her, she fell backwards and landed the wooden floor. The cool floor felt amazing next to her impassioned skin, and she moved her head upward, letting her hair pool on the floor while she kissed Sirius on his surprisingly soft lips.

Sirius kissed back with passion, throwing his inhibitions out the proverbial window. The people dancing around them seemed not to have notice their tumble in the dark, and that was quite all right, he was in no hurry to get up.

Bellatrix, laying her head down on the floor, pushed her tongue into Sirius' mouth, caressing his tongue with her own languidly. She pulled his body closer to hers, her hands moving down his back slowly. She was beginning to be thankful for the odd darkness on the dance floor.

Sirius moaned against Bella's mouth, panting for breath. He ran his hands along her bare arms, letting them linger near her waist. He pulled away from their kiss, raising his head to look into her drunken eyes. "Bellatrix," he whispered softly, still panting, "you know that this is wrong, just as much as I do."

Bellatrix lifted one of her hands from his back and put her finger to his lips like before. "That's what makes it..." she breathed, "exciting." She laid more kisses on his forehead and around his face, returning finally to his lips.

Sirius let himself melt into her then, returning her kiss. He let his hands slide along the silk of her dress, from her waists to her head. Then, quite roughly, he grasped her hair and tugged back her head,
exposing her neck. He pulled his lips away from hers, and began to kiss her neck as he had earlier, using his tongue to trace along her collarbone, smirking as he felt her squirm beneath him.

Bellatrix' gasp from being jerked about quickly faded into an amative moan as she squirmed beneath Sirius. She let him kiss her neck, her breathing coming heavier and faster from beneath him. Her own hands moved to the hem of his shirt, she slid her hands inside it, her fingertips connecting like electricity with his flesh.

Sirius groaned as Bella's finger nails scraped his skin, his breathing going shallow, but he had control of this situation, and intended to keep it. He began to suck on the soft skin of her neck, his hand still clamped firmly in her hair. With another swift movement, he gave up the assault on her neck, and returned to her mouth, forcing his lips roughly upon hers, tugging at her bottom lip with his teeth.

Bellatrix kissed him back with so fierce a passion as to match that of his. She tasted blood, and wasn't able to tell which one of them it belonged to. She slid her hands -almost too slowly- downward and circled the waistband of his trousers with her long fingers, finally sliding her hands into them, teasingly caressing the taut, smooth skin on his hips.

Sirius bit a little too hard, and could taste the blood from Bella's lip on his tongue. This caused him to smirk, but he tensed up as he felt Bella's hands teasing the waistband of his trousers. He could have sworn that the room started to spin. As her hands crosses his bare hips, he let his head fall onto her shoulder, biting down hard to keep from moaning out loud.

If the moan that passed Bellatrix' lips before was any vague hint at the passionate storm that she was feeling inside, then the scream that she gave when his teeth was a clear picture. She clutched the skin on his hips with her fingernails, quite sure she'd broken the skin. Her body began to rise and lower subconsciously against Sirius', her breathing hot against his neck.

The scream Bella gave attracted a few curious pairs of eyes, and Sirius raised his head with a groan. "We can't stay down here," he muttered, his lips finding hers once more. "We have to get up and move," he mumbled against her mouth, ignoring the dull pain from where she had scratched him.

Bellatrix let out a soft whimper, kissed him letting her lips linger on his for a split second, and pushed him off of her. She stood up and lead him to the back wall where she'd first found him. She looked at him with a slight smirk and pressed her back against the wall.

Sirius smirked back, his black hair falling into his eyes. He placed one hand on each side of Bellatrix, and kissed her fiercely, his desire for her increasing.

She grabbed his face with both hands, pulling his head closer to hers. When she was satisfied with the deepness in which he kissed her, she ran her hands down his body and began to stroke his stomach with one fingernail, teasing his skin with one hand and playing with the button of his trousers.

Sirius slipped his tongue into her mouth, relishing in the taste of her. He moved one hand from the wall, and used it to raise the silk of her slip dress, his fingers disappearing beneath the material. This was so deliciously naughty, and so insanely evil. This was so very Sirius Black.

Bellatrix gasped as she felt his fingertips collide with her skin and she leaned against his body, her hands undoing his button and the zip of his pants and gradually working their way downward.

Sirius fingers crept steadily upward, an inch at a time, torturing her on purpose. He was thoroughly enjoying dominating her for once in his life.

Andromeda started to wondered were her sister was. It was a long while ago that she saw Bellatrix.

She was enraptured in his antagonizingly slow movement up her body, her only movement being to lock her lips against his in another passionate kiss, her motionless fingers splayed on his lower stomach.

Andromeda began to walk around to party searching for her sister." Where could she be?" she asked herself.

Sirius stopped for a moment, kissing her hard, making sure she knew he was still in control.

She knew this game, she whimpered subordinately, a slight smirk playing over her lips as she kissed him back.

As she kissed back, his fingers continue their journey, climbing ever nearer to their destination.

The sound that came from her lips was of pure passion and frustration. She wanted him to move faster, but she knew this was in his hands, and he'd do with her what he pleased. Not that she minded; her mind was clouded with alcohol and desire.

There was this couple in the corner Making away madly. "Such a disgusting display." she walked closer and realized that was Sirius' back. " What happened to Miss Marlene?" she yelled across the room.

Even drunk, Bellatrix knew that voice. She kissed Sirius harder, wishing her sister away.

Sirius froze here he stood, not daring to move. "Busted," he whispered, removing his lips from Bellatrix. Oh please, he thought to himself, Don't let her come closer.

Bellatrix bit her lip and shut her eyes tight, knowing what was about to happen, even in her drunken haze.

Sirius panted hard, trying to regain his composure. Nothing could save them now, he realized this even in his alcohol induced state.

Bella's forehead collided with Sirius' collarbone as she withdrew her hands from his body.

" Why, Sirius, I though you were smitten with Marlene, Not some common whore." she said as she walked closer. " At least have the common decency to go somewhere private."

"Just don't move," he whispered into her ear breathily. "Don't move, and she won't see you."

Bellatrix fumed at her sister's comment, but didn't move, hoping Sirius was right.

"Go away Andromeda! It's none of your business," he slurred drunkenly, wishing he could hide Bella under his robes, which were still laying on the chair.

She was about a good ten feet away from his and his "date" when she smelled Her sisters perfume. She stopped " By the way have you seen Bellatrix around at all. She's seem to disappear on me."

Sirius coughed and shrugged, pressing Bellatrix harder against the well. "Why would I have seen her? We're not speaking."

Bellatrix gave an urgent, drunken whimper; she'd forgotten she'd put on the custom perfume that Sirius' mum had given her for Christmas.

"Just because you're not talking to each other doesn't mean you can't see each other." she said madly as she start off towards Sirius. " and as for you

Sirius just buried his face in Bella's hair. They were as good as dead, when Andromeda screamed, as she surely would.

and this....it's plenty of my concern. Marlene is a great girl and she must care about you to put up with you for more than an hour or so and I think she is…

He mumbled into Bella's hair, still shielding her from sight, "Just go away Andie. It's not your damn business."

A lot better then any of the other girls you've..." She stopped in her tracks." Oh my god. " she whispered.

"Busted," he whispered again, in defeat.

Bella felt all the blood in her body rush to her head, and she felt very dizzy. She grasped Sirius for support, and buried her face in his shirt. She couldn't look up at her sister.

She had seen the unholiest thing ever. " Bella, please tell me this is not what I think." she pleaded with herself "it's no that."

Sirius didn't move, letting Bellatrix handle the situation.

Bellatrix bit her lip and positioned her head so that only her eyes were visible above Sirius' shoulder. She looked at her sister, not able to say a word. She had half a mind to start kissing him again, in front of her.

His head was swimming, from both the booze and the thoughts. They'd been caught, red handed...of course, she had started this. He'd known it was wrong though, and hadn't stopped. This was bad.

"Bella?" her lips could hardly move.

"Meda." her words were barely intelligible as they were spoken into Sirius' body.

She willed herself to talk " You and He weren't..." Her legs trembled underneath her robes.

Sirius sighed heavily, and pushed himself away from Bella. With one swift move, he zipped his pants and pulled on his robes. "I have to go," he muttered, tripping as he started to walk away.

Bella stood there, half naked in her under things, sneering at him as he walked away. Her face was still red from the liquor as well as from the passionate evening she'd just endured.

" Dear God!" She now saw it was more than she though and couldn't take it. She fainted right there.

Bellatrix turned her sneer to her sister and went to find where she'd shed her robes. She found them, put them on, and came back to where Andromeda was, hoping that she'd awakened.

All the happenings of the night ran about in her head. "How could this happen." The floor was so comforting to her, it was the only truly solid thing she knew, now.

Bellatrix looked down at Andromeda, who, at least, was still breathing. She nudged her with her toe, a nudge to anyone who was not a Black would have considered a rather violent kick.

"Ow!" She felt a sharp pain at her side and opened her eyes to find Bellatrix standing over her.

"Come on, then." she spat, waiting for Andromeda to get up.

"You're so kind, Bella." she shock her head slightly.

"I'm cold, and ready to go home, so will you please hurry?"

Her head was still swimming. Slowly she rose to her feet, a little off balance. "I have to get my jacket." she said trying to find herself a voice that wasn't her own.

Bellatrix sighed. "Well, I do have to go get my cloak before we go. You'll have plenty of time for that. Just..." she looked around at everyone still there, suddenly feeling very visible, "come on."

She did as her sister told her. " Why did you and...um..." she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Why did I...?" Bellatrix impatiently waited for her sister's complete question.

"Sirius and you weren't really...ah... doing what I thought." The words were such a burden.

"Andromeda..." she closed her eyes, "Just, don't worry about what I do or do not do with my body."

"But it was Sirius. Your own blood!" She began to get very upset with her sisters lying.

"Sirius?" she chewed on her fingernail in thought. "Yes, I suppose it was."


She only smiled at her sister, as if nothing had happened, and she didn't know what she was talking about.

"You're such a whore!" She said bluntly.

Bellatrix sneered and quipped, "You're just jealous."

"Of what. The fact that you are so desperate that you have to snog with your own cousin? Or Maybe I'm jealous of you making yourself out to look like a whore. Hmmm... that's a tough one." She knew this would hurt.

"Shut up," Bellatrix hissed, finally realizing just what she'd done while she was inside. "At least I'm not such a whore that I go about flaunting myself to muggleborns, like your Tonks," she spat his name.

"Don't you drag him into this." she growled at Bellatrix.

"I believe I just did, darling MEDA." Bellatrix was still quite drunk, and stumbling about as she walked.

"YOU BITCH!" She yelled as she lunged forward at Bellatrix.

Bellatrix caught her sister around the neck as she lunged forward. "Don't make me do it again," she spat. "I promise I won't stop this time."

"You know what I don't care because I would died knowing that I AM right and that you are a FILTHY FUCKING WHORE!" Says this meek at first and then she screamed. She felt Bella’s' hand clamp around her next as she reached for her wand.

Bella, disgusted, threw her sister down into the snow and walked off toward the fireplace in the Three Broomsticks to floo home.

"WAIT I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO KILL ME, WHORE." She yelled after her sister.

She turned in mid stride, tripping up a bit before regaining what composure she could muster while drunk. "You're not worth it," she sneered. She spun back around and started walking again.

Andromeda points her wand at Bellatrix and shouts "Petrificus Totalus." At her and watches her fall with a thud.

Bellatrix falls into the snow, petrified.

She strode over to her petrified snow bound sister. Stood over her and said, "Get it through your thick head: I love Ted and there's nothing you can do about it.