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When: December 26, 1976 Who: James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter… - Aparecium! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 23rd, 2003|08:45 pm]
Aparecium RPG


[Current Mood |awake]

When: December 26, 1976
Who: James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Lily Evans
Where: The Potters' home
Rating: PG-13 for sexual references
Summary: The Marauders in their element... with each other. Except... Sirius makes a startling discovery...
Watch For: Lil Reemies. *snort*

Sirius lounged on the sofa in the Potters sitting room, his bare feet propped up on the end, eating peanuts from a large ornate bowl. Now, he wasn't entirely sure, but he thought he could stay here and do this forever...
"Sirius, mate? Mind sharing those peanuts?" Peter's stomach was growling, and he couldn't hide it much longer.

In true Sirius fashion, he picks a few of the nuts out of the bowl, and tosses them haughtily at Peter's head, otherwise ignoring him.
"You two are pigs..." James said as he chowed down on his own food, his feet propped against a table while he sits in a comfy chair.
Peter's face fell; he wasn't sure why Sirius disliked him so much.
"Pig? Who're you calling a pig? I'm merely lounging," he said, wiggling his toes and brushing his hair from his eyes.
"Right. Ay, Sirius, my mum's not going to like you getting peanuts on her floor," he smiles and tosses a pretzel form his own food at Sirius.
Peter looks at both of them, wondering why he hadn't been offered anything. He suddenly felt a rush of boldness and made a pig-like squealing noise at Sirius.
Sirius didn't even flinch as the pretzel bounced off his forehead and into the floor. Instead, he merely reached over, picked it up, and put it in his mouth. "I'll clean it up."
His eyes turned towards Peter, who was sitting in the floor beside of him. "What's wrong with you? You sound like you're dying." Sirius, in all honestly, didn't like Peter much.
Peter just sort of stared at them both, his watery eyes darting from plate to plate.
James looks over to Peter laughing, "Nice Peter, hey Sirius I think he challenging you." Peter wasn't that bad, although he knew Sirius could hardly stand him.
Sirius just rolled his eyes, not in the mood. He shoved the bowl of peanuts at Peter and scoffed. "Here, take them. I can't stand you're staring anymore."
Peter gave a small, excited gasp and started eating the peanuts, one by one, hungrily as if he hadn't eaten in days.
Lily watches the boys and wonders why they’d invited her.
"Oi! Lily," Peter offered the bowl to her, "You want some peanuts?"
"No, It's Ok... I'm fine" Lily smiles.
He shrugged and kept stuffing his mouth full of the peanuts.
Sits up, letting his hair fall into his eyes. "I'm bored," he announced, followed by a rather dramatic sigh.
James looks over to Lily, trying to portray a cockier boy. "Evans still shaken up from the cupboard?" He glares over at Sirius.
With a full mouth, Peter announced, "No Snivellus around today, Siri." He smiled and went back to the peanuts.
He flashed James a devilish grin, his eyes twinkling from beneath the mop of black hanging over them.
"Peter, honestly. If you keep talking with your mouth full, I think I’m going to be sick," he sneered, leaning back against the sofa with his arms crossed. He was feeling rather foul today.
James mutters under his breath about rage blackouts and looks back to Lily.
"Sorry, Sirius," Peter said, feeling rather ashamed.
Lily looks over to James "what do you think?"
Sirius' keen ears perked up. Had he heard the term...rage blackout? He sat up suddenly, and started breathing heavily. "James," he whispered, and then screamed, "JAMES!"
He looks away quickly at Lily's sharp answer, but his head picks up at Sirius' voice. "What, WHAT?"
Peter dropped his bowl of peanuts, it shattered on the floor. His eyes were wide as he stared at Sirius.
Sirius starts panting harder now, laughing manically inside of his head. "I can't...I can't breathe! Everything is...is getting DARK!"
Peter looks frantically from James to Sirius, frozen to the spot where he sat.
With a loud thud he slid of the sofa, hitting the wooden floor, his blue eyes rolling back into his head. Oh this was going to be so much fun.
James realizes what Sirius is doing and takes the pillow from behind him and walking over to Sirius' fallen body. He takes the pillow and hits Sirius with it. "Snap out of it! We can't have two nutcases in the room."
He motions to Lily
Lily watches Sirius fall to the floor and mutters under her breath "Guys can be so immature sometimes"
Peter releases the breath he'd been holding so long that his face began to turn slightly purple.
"AHHH! But I'm having a RAGE BLACKOUT," he screamed, lolling his tongue out of his mouth, still shaking on the floor.
"Maybe I should stun you,” he says, reaching for his wand.
"For the safety of the others, of course," he says innocently.
Sirius stopped moving then, his breathing going shallow, closing his eyes. Fine. If that's what he wanted to play out. He'd perfected these games over the years.
After a few more minutes, he still hadn't moved, slowing his breathing so much that his chest didn't appear to be moving. They didn't like him lively? They could have him dead.
Peter gulped, finally uttering, "HE DIED!" With that, he fainted.
James crossed his arms and tapped his foot, waiting for Sirius to get up. "Still joking I see...Sirius, when are you going to learn." He kicks at him lightly. "Sirius?"
She looks over to Sirius and says to James "Is He Ok?"
Sirius wanted to laugh, but kept it in. Yes. Hold your breath he thought. He knew his face going white.... his chest had stopped moving all together. Not blinking...not moving...
James nodded, only slightly worried, to Lily. "I've been his best friend way too long to not know when he's joking."
Sirius was not about to give. His face was going blue now, he knew it, and it would give that added effect. He had moved in, what, five minutes now?
She says to James "But he hasn't moved in like three minutes"
He looked over at Peter to see that he too was on the ground. He sighed and shook his head. "They're useless, the lot of them. If only Remus were here."
Sirius popped open an eye, exhaling his breath. "It's the fm tomorrow Jamesy! You know where he is," he smiled widely, pulling himself up from the floor, as if nothing had happened at all.
James shot daggers at Sirius. "Stop calling me Jamesy! And get him off the floor!" he said pointing at Peter.
He shrugged, stepping over Peter on the way to the kitchen. "Fancy a drink? I'm going to the ice box," he called, shaking his head as he went. He'd gotten peanuts from the floor in his hair.
Lily looks at Sirius with total disgust "That wasn't funny."
"Shove off Evans," he called from the back of the house, the sound of breaking glass following suite.
She rolls her eyes and mutters to herself
James cringed at the sound of more breaking glass, "Mum's going to kill me when she gets back," he thought. He looked over to Lily and then yelled back to Sirius, "Lay off it Sirius."
A few muffled curses and something unintelligible came from the back, followed by "and your effing broom too!" Sirius finally reemerged, carrying a butterbeer and some teacakes.
James smiled at his friend and tilted his head, "What, none for me?"
Sirius rolled his eyes, and handed James his bottle, just as his friend knew that he would. "You great lazy git," he commented, settling back into the sofa, his eyes twinkling. James knew him entirely too well.
Peter stirred a bit from on the floor, finally sitting up and shrieking at the sight of Sirius, alive.
Sirius sighed heavily, and stared at Peter (who was sitting by his feet) for a moment, before demurely raising a foot, pushing him back to the ground.
James laughed and sat on the sofa. Talks to Peter, "Don't let him push you around like that mate. Stand up for yourself."
Lily rolls her eyes at the shrieking Peter.
Sirius scoffed, licking the icing from the teacakes one at a time, decidedly ignoring Peter.
"Oi!" Peter cried as his head hit the floor. He pushed himself up again, and positioned himself away from Sirius. He gave a helpless look to James. James knew Peter didn't stand a chance up next to Sirius.
Lily sighs silently bored to tears
"James," Sirius finally said, passing the plate of soggy cakes to Peter. "I'm still bored. Can't we hex someone," he asked hopefully, eyeing Lily.
"No, we may not." James heard Lily's sigh and inwardly wishes he could do something, but puts on his normal facade. "Don't be so appreciative I gave you a home for the holidays Evans. Really, it's too much."
Peter looked at the cakes, shrugged and popped a whole one into his mouth.
Sirius smirked and nudged James, wiggling his fingers. "Wanna see if Peter will lick this icing off my fingers," he asked, snorting at the idea.
Lily glared at James.
He really was quite mean to Peter, but what could he say? He liked it!
James turned away from Lily and looked back at Sirius, "Gross, do you really want him licking your fingers? I can deal with Flobberworm mucus, but Peter?"
Peter stopped eating the cakes and looked, crestfallen, at James.
Lily starts feeling sorry for Peter and how James and Sirius treat him
"Sorry Peter, I would say the same thing about Sirius," he said shrugging, "I'd rather not have people licking me."
Sirius snorted again, and decided to lick his fingers himself. He did so, one at a time, smirking at Evan's the entire time.
Peter just looked down at the floor, his eyes following the grain of the wood.
Lily watches Sirius lick his fingers and wonders what he's smirking at.
Sirius makes sure to lock eyes with Evan's for the last one, drawing out the entire fair a little bit longer than needed, a sneer playing on his lips.
"'Ey Sirius, you still mad at Lily for takin' James away?" Peter asked, happily.
Lily looks away, knows what he's trying to play and it's not working
Sirius, trying to gasp and lick his finger at the same time, succeeded in chocking himself, hacking like a lung was coming out.
"I'm," he wheezed between hacks, "going," cough, "to kill you!" He lunged off the sofa at Peter, fully intending every word he'd just said.
Peter let a shrill squeak and scrambled out of the way.
James looked over to Peter with a silencing glance and then over to Sirius who had just lunged, he caught him by the collar of his robe and grabs him back sitting him on the couch. "Not now Sirius."
Lily covers her mouth with her hand and tries not to laugh.
Sirius fell back onto the sofa with a choke; shooting James a glare unlike any he'd ever given him before.
When James wasn't looking, he lowered his gaze to Peter and mouthed, "I'll get you in your sleep little Peter."
James let go of Sirius' collar, giving him a 'sorry, but I couldn't let you do it' look.
Peter, with his chubby hand to his chest, gasps for breath by the window, staring scared at Sirius.
When James let go, Sirius daftly straightened his robes, and leaned against the arm of the sofa with his chin in his hand. He just wouldn't say another word this evening
James rolled his eyes, “Well I think that's all we're getting out of him the evening...meaning I'm relying on you two for conversation."
Peter grinned happily at James, "All right, mate! What should we talk about?"
Lily sitting on the opposite side of the room, bites her lip from the inside of her mouth and crosses her legs
Sirius, never one to be ignored, stood up and exited the room, 'accidentally' knocking Peter down on his way out.
"Ow!" Peter sat back up, rubbing his arm where he'd caught himself, falling over. He shot a mean glare at Sirius' back.
Sirius made a rather foul gesture at Peter over his left shoulder, and kept walking, stalking out the front door.
James shook his head, wondering where Sirius planned on going and when he would forgive him. "You okay Peter?" he asked.
Peter nodded. "Yup. I'm all right."
Lily watches as Sirius walks out. "What's his problem?"
He looked over quickly to Lily. "He's got a lot going on, and he needs to blow off steam somewhere. Give him a break."
A great crash resounded from the garage, accompanied by a loud, "damn it!" from Sirius.
"Sorry..." Lily looks down at the ground.
Peter's eyes widened at the sound and he looked around trying to see where it came from
*Remus wanders in, looking supremely confused* Um. Is there a reason Sirius is prattling about with the Potter's car? What did I miss?
"Peter asked about the cupboard 'incident' and Sirius threw a fit. Plus there's the other stuff, " he adds casually knowing Remus would understand.
"Oi! Remus!" Peter's hands moved about in the air in a sort of frantic wave.
Remus' eye, caught by the frantic waving of Wormtail's arms, turns in that direction. "Hey... Wormy. Um... Care to fill me in?"
Lily says "Hi Remus." as she sits in her chair.
Remus gave Lily a lopsided little grin, nodding as he spoke. "Hey... Lily. You, um. Look a little beat."
The roar of a car engine sounded outside, and Sirius flounced back inside. "Anyone seen my traveling cloak," he asked, not even noticing Remus.
"Fill you in, Moony?" Peter looked confused, then, as if a great light bulb had gone off in his head, said, "Oh! Sirius is upset with me for telling James that Siri thinks Lily is in the way." He nodded.
Peter looked up at Sirius and shook his head cautiously.
Remus' brows furrowed at this new revelation. "Ah.. Well... yeah," she said, scratching the back if his neck.
James smacked himself on the head and Peter's words and shoots a glare at Sirius. "You are not going anywhere! Especially not in our car."
Remus turned to Sirius, taking him gently by the arm, "Can I have a word with you, mate?"
Sirius grabbed his cloak from the back of the chair by the door. "Watch me," he smirked, pulling away from Remus and bouncing back down the hallway.
Remus calmly pulled out his wand and shot the jelly legs curse at his friend.
Sirius fell down, cursing at Remus the entire time. "I really hate you guys," he mumbled, laying there in defeat.
James laughed, watching Remus hex his friend and clapped. "Nice Remus."
Peter snorted.
"Now, I'd like to have a little word with you, mate," Remus said, dismissively waving his hand at the accolades.
Lily laughs silently.
"Fine," he grumbled, wobbling to his feet. Sirius wasn't one to agree so willingly, but when it came to James and Remus, he just went along.
Remus slipped his wand back into its hidden pocket and, again, took Sirius by the arm, leading him away from the others so that they could speak in private.
Sirius leaned against the wall with a huff, tapping his foot impatiently. "What," he asked, pushing his hair out of his eyes. He despised being scolded by Remus.
James turned back, still laughing quietly to himself and saw his only company was Wormtail and Lily. "That should straighten him out. So..."
"What? What the devil is your problem, Padfoot?" Remus rolled his eyes, sighing as he too leaned against the wall.
Peter got up from the floor and went to sit on the couch where Sirius had left a spot. He had to admit to himself that his bum rather hurt from being on the floor the whole time.
"I have no problems Moony. None at all. I am having a fun filled and pleasurable evening." He plastered on a fake smile, just to show he meant it.
Remus said nothing, but perked an eyebrow at his friend.
"Fine," he admitted. "It's Evans. As usual. Why did James have to invite her to our Marauders Christmas Party," he whined, gazing into the sitting room at the two of them.
Lily sits in her seat and turns to James and says "So...?"
James bit his lip and looked up at Lily "So you never gave me an answer..." he said hoping she would keep what they were saying quiet so Peter couldn't hear.
Sirius stared at Remus with contempt, waiting for some heartfelt advice.
Remus dropped his voice, his gaze following Padfoot's. "Because he fancies her, you dolt. You don't see Prongs making a bloody fool of himself in front of Marlene, do you?"
Lily looks at James and says "Too What?"
He swallows hard thinking, "Nice Evans, make it even harder for me."
Sirius rolled his eyes, tapping his fingers idly on the hall table. "So, I wouldn't care...you think I should go in there and just tell him what's kicking at me?"
"Oh, I had asked if you would like to go to the Christmas Party with me?"
Peter sits, his hands folded in his lap, feeling quite left out of everything. It was all he could do to not lean his ear into James and Lily's conversation.
"No, don't go in there and tell him. Pull him aside and tell him... Preferably not within Lily's hearing distance." Remus sighed heavily. Why do I always have to be the adult one?
Lily sits there and thinks for a second and finally says "Umm, Sure..."
Sirius shook his head, set in his own ways. "No, I think I should tell him now," he growled, marching into the sitting room once more. "James!"
Well, at least he'd INTENDED to march into the sitting room to ream out James, but instead he fell to the ground, smacking his head hard. "Damn you Remus Lupin!"
James looked taken aback. "Really? You know I meant with me...don't you?"
Remus grinned, chuckling slightly as he helped Sirius up.
"See? I do these things to keep you from being the prat that you often are, Padfoot. Let me call James in here... THEN you can unburden your soul."
Lily looks at him "I do know that."
Sirius nodded in agreement, crossing him arms in a disturbingly Bellatrix-like way, his eyes twinkling brightly. "Fine, we'll do it your way."
He smiled, "Okay, just making sure."
Remus leveled his gaze at his friend, grinning. "Stay Padfoot... Good Padfoot."
She laughs "Ok..." smiles
Sirius just glared, snapping at Remus in a very bad-dog like way. He didn't like this at all.
Remus, shooting Sirius one final glance, heads back into the sitting room, all smiles.
He cleared his throat. "Excuse me, Lily, Peter... James? Sirius would like to have a brief word with you in the hall."
James sat, still shocked, but finally turned to Remus. "Oh yeah, sure." He got up and quickly slowly walked down towards where Sirius stood.
Sirius glowered as James approached, tapping his fingers on the table once more. Evans seemed to be causing nothing but trouble for the two of them.
James approached Sirius and simply looked up and smiled, "She said yes."
Sirius, who had a bad habit of taking out his frustration on whatever was nearest him, knocked the ornate vase off of the table, satisfied as it shattered on the floor. "Spiffing."
James was thrust out of his shock by the broken vase. "Sirius, that was my mum's favorite vase! Why did you...how could you...Alright, what's up?" he finished knowing how Sirius got when he was really angry.
"You are what’s up. You and Evans. Why did you invite her to the Marauders Christmas Party? Marauders...you know...maraud things. All she does is read."
Sirius scoffed, glaring at James some more.
He glared back. "What about you, asking anything female you come across to go with you? It's a party, I asked her because...because...nevermind!"
Sirius rolled his eyes, James could be so daft. "I don't mean the big party Saturday! I mean tonight, our party James! The one we have every year," his voice grew softer, despite his efforts to keep it sharp.
Lily sits in the Living Room alone with Peter.
Remus, through eavesdropping, moved into the sitting room fully, smiling to both Peter and Lily. "Lovely night, tonight, isn't it?"
Lily smiles and says "Yes, very clear and crisp..."
"Well I couldn't just leave her at my house, alone. What would she do with my parents? She didn't want to be with her family during the break, can't you relate to that?" he shook his head solemnly at his friend.
Remus moved and sat in a chair, opposite Lily. His gaze traveled to the hall and he shook his head, sighing. "I'm sorry you had to see them like that, Evans."
Lily says, "It's no problem..." *smiles*
"They're not bad blokes... not really," Remus said, returning her smile with a wry grin.
Sirius sighed, running a hand through his hair. "I know you fancy Evan's, but this was our time. The Marauders, not the Marauders and Evans. I never see you anymore mate, you're so smitten with her!"
He scoffed, "I'm not smitten and we see a lot of each other." He saw that Sirius was simply glaring, "Alright, alright. So I like her...but she's not my best friend."
Lily smiles and says "I can kind of understand in a way." shrugs.
Sirius looked at the ground then, suddenly feeling sadder then he ever had before. "I don't think I am these days either."
Just then, Remus' stomach grumbled, and he blushed, more than a little embarrassed. "Wormy... Um, where's the grub? I know for a fact the Potter's keep a well-stocked pantry..."
"M-me?" Peter shrugged; he'd been kept away from the food stores in the house.
Remus blinked a bit. "Yeah... Have you seen the food, or is James planning on starving us here?"
James frowns, placing his hand on Sirius' shoulder. "Are you kidding? You're the only bloke that'll put up with me! And who else is going to keep you from killing Wormtail?"
"No, Moony, I haven't seen anything of the sort." He looked ashamed and down, as through his shoelaces were the most interesting thing in the world.
Sirius looked up at James, his eyes a little mistier then he would have liked. "I dreamt last night that we were dead," he blurted out.
James took his hand off of Sirius' shoulder and looked him in the eyes. "And what? What does that mean?"
Peter looked up, very slowly, at Sirius.
Remus stood, grinning. "Well then, why don't you keep the lovely Miss Evans company, I'll see what's *ahem* available in the kitchen..."
Peter nodded at Remus, grinning.
"It meant that I dreamt Bellatrix killed me, and then you came up to me, hugged, me and welcomed me home!" Sirius shrugged away from James, breaking their eye contact.
Remus, nodding to Peter and lily, exited to the kitchen to foraging for their gathering.
Lily sits almost alone in the sitting room with Peter for company
Peter smiles at Lily, unsure of what to say to her.
"I think you're letting Bellatrix get the best of you..." he said a bit unnerved, "that wouldn't happen. As a pair, we're invincible." He smiled unsteadily.
Sirius dared to smile back, brushing away the few tears that had escaped. Then, before he could quite help himself, he grabbed his best friend into a hug.
Lily smiles at Peter and says "So... How have you've been Pettigrew?"
Taken by surprise it took a while for him to realize the depth at which Sirius took the dream and he hugged his best friend back. "Hey, it's okay. Just a dream, mate, right?"
"I've been well, Lily. Yourself?" Peter turned his watery eyes to gaze directly at her, smiling crookedly.
He released James, wiping his eyes one more time, just in case. "Could you lift this stupid hex please? I'd like to be able to walk properly."
"I'm pretty good..." smiles back at Peter.
James laughed, "My pleasure." He quickly lifted the curse and put an arm around Sirius, but quickly changing it into a headlock and giving him a noogie.
Sirius just laughed, squirming away and running full on back to the sitting room, glad he'd admitted what was plaguing him. He could now go back to properly tormenting Peter.
Remus emerged from the kitchen, quite pleased with himself, having found all sorts of goodies and snacks. "Hey... does anyone besides me love these little cocktail wieners?"
Still running from James, and not quite paying attention, he ran bang on into Remus, tossing his wieners all over the floor.
Peter let a delighted, "Mmm!" escape his lips.
Remus' brows furrowed as he watched the wieners fall in slow motion. "No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!"
Sirius sat on the floor, covered in the cocktail sauce. "Remus," he inquired, dipping his finger into the mess on his robes, and licking it off, "I like your wiener sauce."
Lily covers her mouth with her hand and goes into silently giggles.
"You know, if I had a knut for every time I heard that..." Remus said, mourning the loss of his wieners.
Peter just cocks his head at Sirius, confused.
Sirius snorted in laughter, shrugging as he got to his feet. "You'd be a rich man," he scoffed, picking up a wiener from the floor and popping it into his mouth.
Remus shuddered. "Padfoot... Did we forget about the three second rule?"
"What can I say, I like wieners," Sirius said, grinning and picking up another that had settled on James' shoe. "These aren't bad." Sirius chewed on another wiener, deep in thought. "You know, we could package these, call them Lil' Reemies, and sell them in Diagon Alley from a cart. We'd make loads of money!"
"I hope you're not speaking of these ones on the floor. I'm sure our future customers would like fresh Reemies," Remus said with a smirk.
Lily listens to the conversation and shakes her head
Sirius shrugged, collecting the rest of the now dubbed 'Lil' Reemies' from the floor, before turning to Peter. "Oy Wormtail, go fetch a mop would you? James' mum will kill us for this if we don't clean it up!"
"Lazy," Remus scoffed. "Can't you see Wormy's entertaining Evans in there?"
Peter directed his attention to Sirius, nodded frantically, and paused for a second. He shook his head and went into the broom cupboard for a mop, which he in turn brought back to Sirius.
Remus watched Peter do Sirius' bidding with a sigh and a shake of his head.
He looked from the mop, to Peter and back to the mop. "Go ahead on then! And don't miss a spot," he sneered, moving about the room, still eating wieners.
Peter bit his lip, and shook his head at Sirius. "It's not my mess, mate."
He smiled sweetly, turning back to Peter. "It's going to be, when you become part of it."
James took the mop from Sirius, with a smirk. "I'll clean it up, my house after all."
Remus nudged Sirius with one foot. "Stop being such a lazy cow."
Sirius, a little harder then necessary, 'nudged' Remus back before moving on across the room, far away from Peter.
Peter's eyes widened a bit, then relaxed as he was relieved of having to keep arguing with Sirius.
Remus shrugged even as he closed his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck. The moon would be upon him soon.
Sirius moved to the window, peeking out the shades as he popped another Lil' Reemy into his mouth. What happened next, was quite unnerving.
James mopped the cocktail sauce and 'lil reemies' into a trash pail and put the mop away. He just turned to notice Remus' action. "You okay? Where are you staying tonight?"
Sirius saw the Dark Mark, glittering against the night sky, somewhere off the in the distance. Far away though it was, there was no mistaking it. He turned to yell, but promptly choked on the Reemy in his mouth.
Remus smiled wearily, still rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm fine, mate. It's another few days until... yeah, it's another few days. I'll floo home after this little soiree and collapse."
Peter looked up with only his eyes at Sirius choking, too upset to say anything at all.
James nodded and smiled patting Moony on the back before turning to Sirius. "Mate, stop kidding around." He walked over to Sirius.
Sirius smacked his chest, desperate to dislodge the Reemy from his throat! It was the Dark Mark! Here! In their town!
James noticed that he was in fact NOT kidding and hit him on the back, trying to dislodge whatever he was choking on...no doubt a wiener.
Sirius wheezed, hacking as hard as he could. Of all the times to choke on a wiener, it had to be now!
Lily looks up and sees Sirius by the window choking on a cocktail weenie
Finally, with one last cough, the little Reemy went down, and he screamed the only thing he could think of. "DARK MARK!"
Peter stammered, "D-dark Mark?"
James heart stopped in his chest and he looked out the window, seeing with horror the dark mark.
"OUTSIDE! ITS HERE! HES HERE! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" He shot James a dark look as he screamed, totally losing it.
Remus rushed over to the window as well, practically climbing on top of Sirius to get a good view.
Lily says "What?" Gets scared
Peter cowered, clutching a pillow up to his face so that only his -now tearing- eyes could be seen.
Remus gaped at the mark in the sky. "... Holy shit..."
Lily goes over to the window and out of horror sees the horrid Dark Mark.
"Lock the doors! Lock the doors...got to lock the doors...get out your wands..." Sirius was in hysterics now, running around frantically locking doors, his wand at the ready.
James stopped Sirius and shook him by the shoulders. "Get a hold of yourself! He's gone, the dark mark usually comes when he leaves."
"I don't want to die!" Peter wailed from behind his cushion.
"NO NO! Didn't you read the Prophet! He's marking them BEFORE THEY DIE! HE COULD BE ANYWHERE!"
"Well, he's not marking US Padfoot! Calm down!"
Peter shrieked, "You don't know that, Moony!!"
"Calm DOWN? CALM DOWN? YOU aren't the one that dreamt we were all DEAD," he panted, his eyes frantically darting everywhere, his Reemies laying forgotten on the floor.
Lily's eyes go wide with horror as she watches Sirius tweaking out
"Shut up, Peter. Everyone calm down!" he shouted above the hysteria. "We need to do something, if that's the case we can't just let them die!"
Sirius finally began to calm down, getting his wits about him. He knew what James was suggesting that they do, and took in a deep breath. "Lets go then," he whispered, staring around at them all.
He nodded to Sirius. "Peter, you stay here with Lily, make sure nothing happens to her and try to get in touch with my parents. Use the floo. Sirius, Lupin, let's go."
"G-go? Go where? He'll kill us, Padfoot!" Peter whined, scared half out of his mind.
Sirius brandished his wand and gave James another weary look. He hoped they were doing the right thing.
"I... all right..." He didn't quite like the sound of being left alone with Lily when the Dark Lord was on the loose in the neighborhood.
Lily says, "I'm going with you"
James looked back at her sharply, "No, you're not."
Remus eyes his friends, carefully weighing all the options with all the possible outcomes. Slowly, he nodded, pulling out his wand, at the very least, he might be needed to save Prongs' and Padfoot's necks.
Lily looks at him "I'm not just going to stay here like a damsel in distress! I'm going with you!"
"Evans, sit your ass back down. If you got killed, I'd never heard the end of it. Now either you stay in that chair, or I'm binding you to it," he growled. He wasn't in the mood to argue.
Lily takes out her wand and goes in the woman bitchness "I'm Going With You. I'm not going to sit here on my ass and do nothing!"
James huffed and looked back at Lily. "Fine, then Wormtail are you coming?"
Sirius sighed, and fired off a binding hex, sticking Lily tight to her chair. "No, you're staying I do believe. Lets go then lads."
Peter's eyes went wide and he shook his head.
Remus sighed, shaking his head. This wouldn't be good.
"You Bastard!" Lily is bound to the chair
With one last resolute sigh, Sirius marched out the front door, his haughtiness rushing back to him. If he was going to die anyway, might as well be tonight.

"Fine, you stay here and try to contact my parents. Remus, catch Sirius before her gets himself killed. I'll be there in just a second." He watched Remus leave and kneeled by Lily's chair, undoing the binding.
"Tell Sirius you got out yourself," he said rushing out the door to catch up with his friends.
Lily looks at James "Thank you..."
Sirius was already half way across the lawn, muttering under his breath as he went, the Dark Mark casting him in an eerie glow.
Remus easily caught up with Sirius, his lycanthropic strength and speed for once being an asset. "That's a good... oh, kilometer away, wouldn't you say Padfoot?"
He just shrugged, never even slowing down. He had begun to realize exactly how far away that part of town was. He should know. It was just a street over from his own home.
James ran after the two catching up after a while, his quidditch speed coming in handy.
Lily gets up from the chair and gets her wand out and follows them quietly using the disillusionment charm
"Sirius, this is close to your neighborhood...isn't it." James asked worriedly.
Sirius merely nodded, keeping his eyes level ahead. It was close...far too close in fact....
Remus watched the exchange, worry knotting his stomach.
"If I die," Sirius whispered softly, "I just want you two to know, you're the best friends I've ever had."
"You're not going to die, mate... But the feeling is mutual," Remus said just as quietly.
James smiled grimly, "Marauders till the end."
Sirius nodded solemnly, "Till the end of us all."
Remus merely nodded his agreement, speech failing him momentarily.
They stopped in front of a large mansion-style home and looked straight up to see the Dark-mark looming above them. "Let's go." He stepped up to the open door and crossed the threshold
Behind the house, Sirius could see the sign for Grimmauld Place, illuminated in the green light. With a shudder, he followed James inside.
Lily follows them to a large mansion
Remus lifted his face slightly, sniffing the air before he proceeded. Something had happened, that was for sure... But the air was too quiet, too still. It was over... at least, he thought it was.
"Lets split up," Sirius suggested, heading for the staircase.
Against his better judgment, James agreed and started towards the basement.
Sirius headed up the stairs, smelling something foul in the air. The hall was dark, as he entered, his heart beating wildly. "Lumos," he murmured, adjusting his eyes to the light.
Remus bit his lip, deciding on staying on the current floor. That way, should anything happen, he'd at least be halfway there.
Lily decides to follow James down to the basement... her wand at ready.
"Guys," Sirius called out, "I think you should come up here!"
Remus, hearing Sirius' call, quickly bounded up the stairs. "What is it, Padfoot?"
James turned quickly and started to run up the stairs, knocking into what seemed to be nothing? What was it? He pointed his wand out in front of him. "Who is it? Don't move or I'll hex you into tomorrow."
"In here," he called from a room near the end of the hall, his voice low.
Remus quickly made his way down the hall to the sound of Sirius' voice. "What’s in here ma--" he trailed off while standing in the doorway, gaping.
"It's Me, Lily... I have a disillusionment charm on"
"It's Mr. and Mrs. Prewett," he muttered, leaning over the bodies. "And they're really quite dead."
He sighs hard, "Thank god it's only you, quickly up to Sirius." He grabs her hand, with some difficulty, and drags her up the stairs with him.
Remus stared from the doorway, eyes bulging. He gulped. "Where's Gideon and Fabian?" he asked quietly.
She runs up the stairs with him.
"Probably at school for the holidays," he muttered, trailing off. Then, for no apparent reason, Sirius began to laugh.
James walked in to the sight of Sirius laughing over the dead bodies of a family he knew and stopped dead in his tracks. “Sirius..."
Remus stepped forward, taking Sirius by the shoulders. "Let’s... get out of here, mate... we need to call the Aurors..."
Sirius shook his head; the intense need to laugh overcoming him. What else could he do? He didn't want to cry, didn't want to scream...but he allowed Remus to pull him away.
Lily watches still with the disillusionment charm on
"Well," said Sirius through his laughter, "I believe the war has begun!"
Lily takes the disillusionment charm off herself
Remus' hands squeezed Sirius' shoulders again. "C'mon mate."